Optical monitoring


With the help of the “OptiMon” online spectrometer newly developed at Fraunhofer IOF, the transmission spectrum of a growing layer is continuously recorded. On the basis of the measured transmission spectra, software calculates the actually achieved construction parameters of the layer systems and continuously compares these with the target values.



To investigate the optical properties, spectral photometry (measurement of directional and diffuse transmission and reflection) is used; a microscope photometer is available for spatial resolution investigations.


Parameters of detectors for transmissive measurement (OptiMon) and plasma emission measurement (PlasmaMonitor)

  OptiMon PlasmaMonitor
spectral range 360 - 920 nm 200 - 850 nm
slit 140 µm 50 µm
optical resolution ca. 5 nm ca. 2 nm
typical integration time 4 ms 4 ms