VUV-, NIR- and VIS-Layers

The NIR- and VIS-coatings group is involved into the calculation, preparation, and characterization of optical coatings, which are designed for a spectral range that preferably lies in the visible or near infrared spectral regions.
At present, we are mainly dealing with:

  • Design of optical coatings
  • classical and plasma-ion assisted deposition of coatings,
  • optical monitoring (among them most sensitive wavelength monitoring and broadband monitoring),
  • measurement and optimization of optical layer properties.

Layer deposition as accomplished at a Balzers BAK 640 (classical electron beam evaporation) and a Leybold Syruspro deposition system (plasma ion assisted deposition) utilizing the Advanced Plasma Source (APS). The optical properties are investigated by spectrophotometry (measurement of directed and diffuse transmission and reflection), spatially resolved measurements may be accomplished by means of a microscope photometer. The typical tests concerning mechanical and climate resistance are available, as well as a measurement set-up for mechanical stress.