Fiber coupling for laser diode bars and stacks


High-power diode laser bars and stacks are established as reliable and highly efficient laser sources, but their asymmetric radiation requires sophisticated fiber coupling optics.
Based on patented coupling schemes (i.e. US Pat. 6680800, 6337873 and 6151168) a variety of fiber coupling devices for different wavelengths, output power and spot parameters were manufactured. The optical system includes bulk standard lenses and micro-optical components like

  • slow axis collimator arrays (SAC)
  • blazed grating arrays (redirector) for superposing the images of the individual emitters in the fibre plane or
  • beam twister arrays for individual image rotation
  • tilted fast axis collimator lens (FAC) or deflector arrays (director) for adressing redirector zones



Microoptics fabrication is based on mastering by laser or e-beam lithography and subsequent replication of polymer-on-glass elements. For highest power densities ion-etched silica components are used. System assembly is based on precisely manufactured mounting elements for passive optics alignment and actively adjusted FAC.


Our work

  • Design of customized fiber-coupling and beam-shaping optics
  • Manufacturing of micro-optical beam shaping elements (i.e. SAC, directors, redirectors, beam twister arrays, fly´s eye condensers for homogenization)
  • Manufacturing of prototype systems