Design of Micro-Optical Components and Systems for Illumination

The Fraunhofer IOF has experience in the design of complex micro-optical systems, e.g. scanners, sensors and switches, illumination optics for LEDs, diffractive laser resonators and imaging systems for visualizing information.

The design tools and algorithms used range from the rigorous methods of wave optics to conventional geometrical ray optics (including free-space wave propagation, FDTD, raytracing).

Our work

  • System design based on raytracing and/or free-space propagation
  • Assistance all the way to the prototype, including production of test samples
  • Complex analysis of optical systems, e.g. thermal analysis, tolerancing, scattered light, cost estimates
  • Customized macro-programming (“merit function” generation, “user-defined surfaces” etc.)
  • Software courses tailored to the problem and customer