Optical System Development from the Idea to the Prototype

Expiration of a system development at the Fraunhofer IOF

The Fraunhofer IOF offers a whole package of optical systems development. We escort our clients all the way from the idea to the prototype and even to system integration.
The IOF coordinates and warrants, that all tasks are performed by appropriate specialists.

System conception
  • Development of optimized solutions meeting the
    economic boundary conditions
Optical design
  • ƒƒImaging and non-imaging optics
  • ƒƒStandard and diffractive optical components
System analysis
  • ƒƒSimulation of optical components and assemblies
  • ƒƒStray light analysis
  • ƒƒComponent tolerances
  • ƒƒAlignment tolerances
Mechanical construction
  • ƒƒFunctional modules
  • ƒƒAdjustment strategies, tools, and machines
Mechanical simulation
  • ƒƒThermal analysis
  • Stress and deformation analysis
Prototype manufacturing,
assembly, and test
  • ƒƒAssembly and test
  • Measurement of key parameters
System integration
  • ƒƒSupport with integration in final product
  • ƒƒTransfer to production