Fiber Technology

Direct access to the entire technology chain from design to preparation and characterization all the way to system integration of the laser-active special fibers and fiber optic components is required for the construction and use of cw and pulsed fiber laser systems of the highest beam quality with output powers up to the kilowatt range.

The construction and operation of the technology for producing the laser-active preforms and fibers for industrial purposes offers the opportunity to transfer existing solutions at laboratory scale to an industrial environment and ensure the long-term and reliable availability of components.

The concentration of fiber design, laser physics and glass chemistry will further develop existing system solutions and generate new fibers and laser systems. These will then be optimized for special-purpose applications.



  • Fiber design
  • Combination of laser physics and glass chemistry
  • Preform and fiber production (in association with the Institute for Photonic Technology “IPHT” in Jena)
  • Preform and fiber characterization
  • System integration


Our work

  • Design and preparation of industrial-purpose laser-active preforms and optical fibers (in association with the Institute of Applied Physics at the Friedrich Schiller University in Jena (IAP))
  • Characterization of passive and active preforms and optical fibers
  • Reproducible manufacture of preforms, optical fibers and fiber-based components (in association with the IPHT)
  • Customized solutions for fiber laser systems with the highest brilliance