Q-switched sub-picosecond Microchip Laser System


The generation of ultra-short laser pulses provides a basis for numerous innovative applications. Mode-locked lasers, however, are the only ones who are able to generate pulses in the sub-picosecond range so far, whose setup is complex and comparatively expensive. More favorable Q-switched lasers that are suitable for industrial use generally emit pulses between 100 picoseconds and several nanoseconds.



Based on novel packaging techniques of the Fraunhofer IOF, a cost-effi cient system with a passive Q-switched microchip laser was developed, whose pulses are shortened to picoseconds in a patented manner. The laser pulses of the system are not mode-locked.

The fiber-based method of pulse compression and spectral pulse filtering allows the setup of a stable and compact system, which represents a viable alternative for mode-locked lasers in the industrial environment.



  • Material processing
  • Spectroscopy



  • Passive Q-switched microchip laser as compact laser source
  • Fiber based method of pulse compression and spectral pulse filtering



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