Handheld optical 3D-scanner "kolibri Cordless"

Measurement principle

  • High-speed image projection and data acquisition
  • Fringe projection with phase shifting


System parameter

Single measurement field 325 mm * 200 mm
Measurement uncertainty 20 µm - 100 µm
Data acquisition time < 0,25 s
Number of views frei wählbar
Resolution 170 µm
Number of pixels 2048 * 1280 Pixel
Sensor weight 3,6 kg



  • Hand-held operation (quick data acquisition, light weight and ergonomic)
  • Unconstrained sensor placement (no external tracking, no positioning targets, complete freedom of movement)
  • Cordless design (WLAN data connection, battery powered)
  • User friendly (user interface via iPod touch, simple handling, easy to set up and scan)
  • Mobility (transport within a case)
  • High resolution colour and texture scanning (optional)


Our offer

  • Development and production of sensors, quality assurance, rapid prototyping, design, CAD/CAM according to customer requirements
  • Process integration
  • 3D data acquisition and analysis for forensic investigations