Metrological Computer Tomography

Computer tomography enables the non-destructive detection and recording of the internal and external geometry of an object. Using virtual sections cut through the object, material testing, the identification of defects and the geometric recording of inner and outer structures is possible.


Computer tomography parameters

The Fraunhofer IOF possesses a modern double-tube system from GE Sensing & Inspection GmbH for high-resolution CT images. The system features the following parameters:

  • Nanofocus tube: 180 kV
  • Microfocus tube: 240 kV
  • Max. object diameter: 320 mm
  • Max. object height: 320 mm (expandable to 640 mm)
  • Detector resolution: 2048 x 2048 pixels (measurement range expansion to 4096 x 2048 pixels)
  • Detail recognition: up to 300 nm
  • Measurement uncertainty: 1 µm

It is possible to switch between the X-ray tubes using software without modifying the set-up.


Computer tomography development work

The Fraunhofer IOF offers the following development capabilities:

  • Full digitalization of objects
  • Development of evaluation strategies for determining the geometry and dimensional stability of internal and external structures
  • Target/actual comparison of CT measurement data and CAD model
  • Optimization of CT parameters in terms of close-to-production tests
  • Data evaluation for material testing (blowholes, cracks, porosities, inclusions etc.)
  • Testing objects for their adjustment and assembled states
  • Consultation for integration in manufacturing processes and quality control loops