Photonics Days 2018

SPOTS.ON photonics!
From September 17 to 20, 2018

Transmission gratings.
© Fraunhofer IOF

For four days, the traditional Jena site is all about optics and photonics. From 3D technologies, ultra-precision engineering to coatings or lithography - national optics and photonics experts showcase the latest trends, representatives from a wide variety of industries come together to share their knowledge and our young researchers present their latest research ideas.

PHOTONICS DAYS 2018 in Jena - Think photonics anew!

- Monday, September 17, 2018

General meeting of »3Dsensation« research alliance
and SPOTS.ON photonics – Networking Event

First, the alliance partners present their current interim results and findings from the various funding projects at the general meeting. This time around, they will have the opportunity to network with Photonics Days 2018 visitors afterwards in a casual atmosphere, according to reports from collaborative projects, and perhaps get some impetus for new research or business ideas.

For the second time, the High Performance Center of Photonics (Jena) is also announcing the »Hot Stuff« award for new and innovative projects. In a pitch round can be voted for the best idea.  

- Tuesday, September 18, 2018

SPOTS.ON photonics

SPOTS.ON photonics! First, we focus on current trends and present the visions of great thinkers of the optics and photonics community. In the SPOT.ON visions Dr. Stefan Träger (Jenoptik), Dr. Andreas Eckardt (DLR - German Aerospace Center), Prof. Michael Totzeck (Carl Zeiss AG) and Dr. Ferry Zijp (ASML) show us which developments lay ahead and which topics are worth taking a closer look at. Then find out what is going on in industry and learn from each other's experiences in the SPOT.ON dialogues. Here we have the opportunity to exchange on topics of people's choice and ask questions that have not found answers to yet.

A new, interactive industry gathering for the optics and photonics industry - and think photonics anew!


For the evening event we invite the Photonics Days visitors to the Jenaer Volksbad. In addition to a festive dinner, the presentation of the Applied Photonics Award - the Young Scientist Award of the Fraunhofer IOF - will take place here. With this award, we honor particularly original and innovative theses from 2017, which deal with topics of applied photonics.

- Wednesday and Thursday, September 19 to 20, 2018

OptoNet Workshop: »Ultra Precision Manufacturing of Aspheres and Freeforms«

- for international subscribers -


Every two years, the OptoNet workshop "Ultra Precision Manufacturing of Aspheres and Freeforms" unites international experts from industry and research for a first-class technology exchange of the latest manufacturing techniques, applications and products in the field of ultra-precision machining.

Please note that a fee of 430 € is payable to our co-organizer OptoNet for participation in the ultra-precision workshop (310 € for OptoNet members). For more information and registration please visit OptoNet-Workshop.