Solutions with light – Fraunhofer IOF presents new research findings at the world’s leading exhibition »LASER World of Photonics 2015« from 22th until 25th of June

Date / June 19, 2015

Fiber lasers are a central component for the modern industry as well as health care. These lasers combine the advantages of high precision fabrication and contact free material handling. Thus, they are superior compared to conventional technologies. The research team of Dr. Ramona Eberhardt and Prof. Jens Limpert show their latest developments in the scope of fiber lasers. A highlight is the monolithic integrated fiber laser system that reaches performances within the multi-kilowatt range with emission wavelength of 1 µm or 2 µm.

© Fraunhofer IOF
optical fiber with spliced end cap
© Fraunhofer IOF

In collaboration with »Active Fibers Systems GmbH« from Jena, the researchers show an ultrashort fiber laser system as a 1:10 model of the system for the »Extreme Light Infrastructure« (ELI) project. “Our experiences and competencies in the field of fiber lasers are enabling us to develop new system concepts with outstanding pulse durations and performances” says Prof. Jens Limpert, leader of the workgroup fiber and waveguide lasers.

Another exhibition highlight is the new laser splicing- and tapering system »SmartSplicer«. Using high precision optics in order to effectively use the radiation of a CO2-Laser for the fusion of glass fibers or optical components, a secure splicing of the components is achieved. This innovative system was realized with an EU-project in collaboration with NYFORS Teknologi AB from Sweden and CeramOptec GmbH from Bonn. The flexible connection of optical components which is also free of contamination offers a wide range of applications for lenses and sensor units. “The technology developed by Fraunhofer IOF gives us a platform that is superior in every aspect”, comments Erik Böttcher, CEO of Nyfors Teknologi AB.

„The development in the subject of fiber lasers is a milestone, it shows the extraordinary work and competencies in fiber technology in Jena, a core city for photonics” says Prof. Andreas Tünnermann, Director of the Fraunhofer IOF.

Further highlights presented by the Fraunhofer IOF at their 80 square meters both (hall B3 - booth 341) are

  • Near-to eye-Display for the miniaturization of smart glasses
  • Dielectric pulse compression with beam deflection of almost 100 percent
  • Array projection with high potential for the application in the telecommunications and automotive industry   
  • 3D-measuring system for the gathering of highly dynamic processes