New interlayer-free bonding technology will be presented at the Paris Air Show

Date / June 05, 2015

Researchers of the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Optics and Precision Engineering (IOF) in Jena will present their latest developments in the field of aerospace and space at the International Paris Air Show starting June 15th until 21th. With more than 2.200 exhibitors and about 140.000 professional visitors from more than 180 countries it is the key event of the whole industry.

© Fraunhofer IOF
Direct bonded prism-to-grating (GRISM).

In the range of micro-assembly and system integration researchers of the Fraunhofer IOF take their chance to present the new interlayer-free bonding technology. With direct bonded prism-to-grating advantages compared to conventional joining technologies will be accomplished. Actual approaches usually either use prism or grids for one optical component. This new technology allows high quality bonding of optical components with the same composition without changing the index of refraction. The minimized absorption in the transition zone leads to assemblies for high-power applications with reduced thermal lensing and reduced stress in optical materials. “This technology enables new instruments and components of extremely high performance”, says Ramona Eberhardt, department head at the Fraunhofer IOF. Director of the institute Andreas Tünnermann expects high-tensile optical systems that can be constructed with this new bond technology. Those systems will endure fluctuation of temperature and being able to autoclaved. “This provides entirely new approaches for laser and medical engineering. Last month’s activities are just the beginning of this new fascinating technology development of several industries.”

Furthermore, Fraunhofer IOF will present metal optics for grids and bonded components at the International Paris Air Show. This shows their extensive expertise in the field of optical freeform systems, including the whole value chain starting from design until production of the entire system, like telescopes for earth observation.

This project is sponsored by the German Center of Aerospace and Space (DLR-project: 50EE1204).