Diffractive Optics

Diffractive optics based on micro- and nanostructured surfaces offer flexible possibilities to present new optical functions which are often barely achievable with conventional optics. This opens up new areas of application for optics.


  • Electron beam-lithography
  • Laser beam-lithography

Our offer

  • Optical and mechanical design specific to the application
  • Technology advisory and production of customized elements
  • Optical and profilometric characterization of element functions
  • Production of prototyps


Diffractive micro and nano optics are applied to particular gratings for spectroscopy applications, for example:

  • Astronomy,
  • Compression of ultra short laser pulses,
  • Computer generated holograms for the inspection of highly precise aspheres,
  • Fresnel lenses and lens arrays for the homogenization of illuminations,
  • Diffractive filter structures,
  • Structured polarizer,
  • Optics with complex features (even applicable to curved surfaces).

Our quality policy

One of the core competences of the CMN-Optics group, as part of the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Optics and Precision Engineering IOF, is the development and fabrication of photonic micro- and nanostructures, which we develop together with our customers and external partners for their specific applications and challenges.

Our mission is to develop innovative micro- and nano-optical components based on advanced patterning technologies to create additional value for our customers.  Therefore, we provide our customers with optimal support in the selection of our processes in the context of research and development as well as prototype fabrication.

The focus of our efforts is the development and technological implementation of solutions for the challenges of our customers. This can only be achieved by maintaining high quality standards. The feedback of our customers is taken up trustfully in order to improve us constantly and to reach common goals.

The technological and economic basis is secured by a constant further development of the processes as well as the technological equipment, always with the aim to be the leader in innovation and quality in our field of activity.

In this respect, we give high priority to meeting agreed deadlines and performance. Our main business, applied research, and the constantly new challenges and findings associated with it often lead to dynamic project processes. We strive for open and continuous communication with our customers to inform them about the quality and timing of the agreed project deliverables.

In order to anchor the idea of quality in all employees, all staff members of the CMN-Optics group are conveyed a quality-promoting fundamental mindset. This is because the quality of our products is the responsibility of each individual employee.

At the same time, the management of the working group explicitly encourages openness with regard to problems, questions and discrepancies concerning the QM system, so that all employees can contribute to the further development and improvement of the QM system.

The certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001 underlines that we really live our quality policy in order to meet the high requirements of our customers.


Certificate for the management system according to ISO 9001:2015