Diffractive Optics

Diffractive optics based on micro- and nanostructured surfaces offer flexible possibilities to present new optical functions which are often barely achievable with conventional optics. This opens up new areas of application for optics.



  • Electron beam-lithography
  • Grayscale-lithography


Our offer

  • Optical and mechanical design specific to the application
  • Technology advisory and production of customized elements
  • Optical and profilometric characterization of element functions
  • Production of prototyps



Diffractive micro and nano optics are applied to particular gratings for spectroscopy applications, for example:

  • Astronomy,
  • Compression of ultra short laser pulses,
  • Computer generated holograms for the inspection of highly precise aspheres,
  • Fresnel lenses and lens arrays for the homogenization of illuminations,
  • Diffractive filter structures,
  • Structured polarizer,
  • Optics with complex features (even applicable to curved surfaces).