Precision Optomechanical Systems

On the path to nanotechnology, new and precise components and system solutions are required. The combination of optics and mechanics creates synergies and generates innovation.

The services offered by Fraunhofer IOF encompass the research and development of optomechanical processes, modules, devices and systems. Focal areas of work are the optical and mechanical design, components and subsystems for laser and illumination engineering as well as precision engineering assemblies such as scanner units, mirror systems, metrology systems and substrate holders. In addition to components and systems for application in standard atmosphere, system solutions for high vacuums are increasingly being developed. Starting from the problem analysis, simulation methods (FEM – calculation with ANSYS) or structural analyses are used to professionally design and construct precision systems of the highest quality. Extensive testing of the lab samples and prototypes is carried out in special-purpose test stands.

  • Design of metallic mirrors for astronomical and space applicationsSimulation of mirror design variants using finite elements method
  • Testing of mirror behavior under typical mechanical and thermal loads as well as manufacturing loads is possible
  • Development of lightweight solutions for mirrors
  • Ultra-precise processing with diamond tools
  • Complex surfaces can be processed with accuracy of form