Scattered light and absorption measurement and analysis

The rapid developments in optical technologies involve increasingly challenging and sometimes completely new demands on the quality of materials, surfaces, components, and systems. Examples for such driving factors are the steadily shrinking feature sizes in semiconductor lithography, highly complex surfaces for astronomy, and nanostructured functional surfaces for consumer optics. In all these areas, the reduction of surface defects, roughness, and other scatter-relevant irregularities is essential.

Quality-monitoring analytics must simultaneously ensure that minimal defects and roughnesses can still be detected. Scattered light methods for highly-efficient, contactless and rapid determination of roughnesses and defects are increasingly becoming established for these analyses.


Measuring systems

  • Compact table-top systems (ALBATROSS-TT)
  • Process-integratable test systems (horos)
  • Flexible laboratory systems for angle-resolved (BSDF, ARS) and total scattered light measurement (wavelengths: 13.5 nm to 10.6 µm)



  • Characterization of optical and technical surfaces, materials and coatings
  • Roughness measurement
  • Defect detection
  • Scattered light analysis
  • Quality testing (e.g. UP processed surfaces)
  • Loss diagnosis in layer systems
  • Grating efficiency measurement
  • T-, R-measurement


We offer:

  • Development of customized measuring systems
  • Solutions for R&D tasks