Light scattering measurement systems in the VIS, UV, und IR spectral ranges

A new generation of laser-based instruments has been developed at the Fraunhofer IOF that provide exclusive features such as

  • Angle resolved scatter measurements (BRDF, ARS) according to ASTM E2387
  • Total scatter measurements (TS) according to ISO 13696
  • Coverage of entire 3D scattering sphere
  • Highest sensitivity (15 orders of magnitude dynamic range, noise level < 0.05 ppm)
  • Determination of roughness down to 0.1 nm
  • Combination of different measurement regimes (BRDF, ARS, R, T, diffraction efficiency, 2 Theta etc.)  
  • Extremely large spectral range (13.5 nm to 10.6 µm)
  • Surface, thin film interface, and bulk scattering.

With their capabilities and performance parameters, the instruments define the international state of the art.

The following table provides an overview of the wavelengths currently available and the achieved dynamic ranges and sensitivities.

Spectral range


Dynamic range
(orders of magnitude)

Noise-equivalent ARS (sr-1)


13.5 nm


10-4 (vacuum)


193 nm, 157 nm


10-7 (vacuum) / 10-6 (N2 purge)


325 nm, 405 nm, 442 nm, 532 nm, 633 nm, 650 nm, 690 nm, 700 nm, 780 nm

up to 15

Down to 10-8


808 nm, 850 nm, 1064 nm, 4.5 µm, 10.6 µm

up to 10

Down to 10-5