3D-light scattering measurement system ALBATROSS

Next generation light scattering measurement techniques have been developed at the Fraunhofer IOF. Exclusive functionalities such as

  • measurement in full 3D space, 
  • high sensitivity (dynamic range up to 15 orders of magnitude, background scatter < 0.05 ppm),
  • roughness determination down to 0.1 nm (rms),
  • combination of different operation modi (scattering, reflectance, transmittance, grating efficiency, 2 Θ etc.),  
  • wavelength range from 13.5 nm to 10.6 μm,
  • measurement of surface, interface and volume scattering

were accomplished. These measurement systems head the international state-of-the-art concerning both scope and parameters of performance.

The instrument ALBATROSS can be operated at various laser wavelengths from the ultraviolet to infrared  spectral regions, in 3 spatial directions, angle resolved (ARS-Angle Resolved Scattering), and polarization dependent. The arrangement is suitable even for components with complex geometries and large dimensions up to 500 mm. Rough engineering to supersmooth optical surfaces can be investigated. In the same wavelength regions, the system TScatt is employed for total scatter (TS) measurement in the backscatter and forward scatter directions according to ISO 13696.