Table-top system for light scatter measurement »Albatross-TT«

System description

The new table top system ALBATROSS-TT (3D-Arrangement for Laser Based Transmittance, Reflectance and Optical Scatter measurement – Table Top) enables high sensitive measurements of angle resolved light scattering, reflectance and transmittance of optical and non-optical surfaces, materials and components within the entire 3D-sphere.



Characterization of surfaces, coatings, and materials:

  • Quality control, appearance
  • Optical performance
  • Roughness analysis



  • Measurement of light scattering (ARS,BRDF, BTDF, scatter loss), θ-2θ, R and T
  • Full 3D-spherical measurement capability
  • In- and out-of-plane mode
  • Flexible variation of incident angle, scattering angle (azimuth and polar angles), and polarization
  • Area raster scans of sample surface
  • Housed table top system (< 1 m³)
  • Dynamic range: 13 orders of magnitude
  • Noise equivalent ARS: 3x10-08 sr-1
  • Roughness equivalent sensitivity: < 0.1 nm
  • Wavelength: 405 nm, 532 nm, and 640 nm (other wavelengths on demand)
  • User-friendly software for measurement control and data analysis
  • Analysis tools: roughness, PSD, etc.