Design and Manufacturing of THz-Optics

Terahertz radiation (wavelength 30µm bis 3 mm) has low energy, is non-ionizing, and transmit most plastic materials. Thus, it is of great interest in many fields of metrology and quality management.

For the design of Th quasi-optical systems classical raytracing and physical optics propagation tools are applied. Callenging tasks to the optical design are the large wavelength, the broad spectral bandwidth and the available lens materials. The number of lenses in the setups should be as low as possible to avoid absorption losses in the bulk material.

Aspherical lenses are fabricated by ultra-precision (UP) turning. As antireflective treatment of the plastic lenses surfaces shapes like moth-eye structures are used, which are also fabricated by ultra-precision machining. Mirrors are also used, e.g. off-axis paraboloids.


Our work

  • Design and development of THz-optics and -systems
  • Design and development of antireflection surfaces
  • Manufacturing of Thz-optics and antireflection surfaces
  • Development and setup of fs-fiber lasers for THz-generation
  • Development of THz-emitter and receiver on the basis of semiconductors or electrooptic crystals
  • Manufacturing and ultra-precision machining of mirrors