Grayscale lithography for large-area micro-optical elements

Grayscale Lithography

High precision microstructures on various substrates

With outstanding flexibility, direct writing grayscale lithography enables the generation of high precision microstructures for the implementation into optical systems.Thus, individual solutions for refractive and diffractive micro optical elements, even on non-standard or non-flat surfaces, can be realized in close collaboration with design and integration.


Technical Data

  • Lithography system specially designed for generation of micro optical elements
  • High dynamic dosage control at 405 nm exposure wavelength
  • Maximum writing field size: 0.5 × 0.5 m2
  • Patterning of slowly curved substrates

Typical Applications

  • Efficient (blazed) gratings und CGHs
  • Spherical or aspherical lenses and dense lens arrays in regular or chirped arrangement
  • Beam shaping elements
  • Diffractive correction lenses for spherical and chromatic aberrations
  • Deterministic diffractive-refractive-hybrid diffusors
  • Prismatic optical elements and retroreflectors
  • Micro-freeform surface profiles
  • (Multi-level) Lithography on almost every material and substrate geometry