Optical 3D digitizing for CAD/CAM in dentistry

The system

Fraunhofer IOF has developed the system “hiScanµ” for fully automatic, non-contact and precise measurement of complete dental arches and single-teeth. The 3D dental digitizer is part of the Hint-ELs CAD/CAM system for fast, economic and exact production of crowns, inlays and multiple spans brigdes.



Measuring of:

  • Inlay-preparations
  • Stumps of teeth
  • Bridges
  • Sets of teeth
  • Check-bites
  • Abutments


System parameter

  • Measurement volume: up to ∅ 90 mm, height 25 mm
  • Measurement uncertainty: < 5 µm
  • Typically measurement time: 3 minutes
  • Number of views: free
  • Undercuts up to 110°


Our work

Development and delivery of equipment according to the specific client need´s.