Selfcalibrating multi-view 3D measurement systems - system »family kolibri«

Measurement principle

  • Fringe projection from different directions with two fringe sequences rotated by 90° to each other
  • Automatic full body measurement while using simultaneous active moving sensors and fixed cameras



  • No use of adhesive markers or matching procedures
  • Self calibration of the measurement system, compensation of environmental effects
  • Measurement range: 10 mm up to 5 m
  • Number of views: unrestricted
  • Measurment uncertainty: 0.5 μm ... 150 μm
  • Measuremt time: 0.2s – 10 min (dependent on the measurement setup)
  • Automatic measurement
  • Mobile and stationary system solutions


Our Work

  • Development and delivery of measurement systems according to the client specification
  • System development for quality inspection, rapid prototyping, reverse engineering, 3D-scanning, medicine, virtual reality and further
  • Integration in industrial processes
  • Measurement services
  • Studies and consultation



  • kolibri CORDLESS – Optical hand-held cordless 3D-sensor
  • kolibri MULTI – Optical 3D-multi-sensorsystem with variable resolution
  • kolibri ROBOT – Robot-mounted 3D-sensor
  • kolibri 1500 – Automatic selfcalibrating 3D-measurement system for large objects