Microoptics for mode and beam shaping of laser resonators


The focus spot size and the divergence of a laser beam are defined by the transversal modes of the resonator. A modification of the outcoupled beam can be realized by intracavity beam shaping which allows an adaption of the laser beam properties to special applications. Aspherically shaped mirrors influence the form of the existing modes and may increase the discrimination of higher order modes.



Laser resonators comprising high performance optics enable an adaption of mode volume to pumped volume and a high beam quality for lasers with high gain. In addition, the compensation of interactions by nonlinear effects of the active media with the intracavity optical field becomes possible.


Our work

  • Design of diffractive free-space and waveguide resonators
  • Consideration of nonlinear effects and active media
  • Design of pump optics
  • Design of external beam shapers
  • Fabrication of diffractive mirrors, beam shapers and freeform optics
  • Realization of lab-demonstrators
  • Optical characterization of arbitrary laser beams
  • Simulation and design of multimode resonators
  • Modeling of gain media and nonlinear effects



  • Ray-based optical design: ZEMAX
  • Wave-optical design: GLAD, VOL
  • In-house Software-development of problem and customer specific solutions